Monday, May 6, 2013

if you decide to run a half marathon

If you decide to run a half marathon, or any long race for that matter, there are so many little things that you can do to make or break your race.  These are the tips that I knew, or wish I knew, before I started running.

  • Follow a training program.  I did this last year and was so thankful because my body was used to it, but I kind of slacked this year and it was not a good idea.  
  • Wear capris or pants- shorts are not a good idea.  
  • Eat breakfast before you leave.  Just a little something will do.  
  • Drink water every time it's offered to you, but only a sip or two.  Throw the cup and the rest of it on the ground.  (The only time that littering is encouraged!)
  • Take something sugary to eat when it gets rough.  I ate little jelly bean things called sports beans. The sugar gives you a burst of energy, plus they just taste good. 
  • Make friends!  Everyone there is going through the same feelings you are- excited, exhausted, determined, proud- take advantage of this and encourage each other.
Also, I decided to include an embarrassing camera picture from the hardest part of the race- the Indy 500 Track.  It's the long and boring part.  People, this is the look of determination.  

Happy racing!


  1. I love this. I really want to start running(idk how many times I have said this and still haven't tried) and these tips are awesome.

    1. Thanks! I used to hate running too, but I looked up a training program online and started small. You'd be surprised how much you start liking it when you achieve your little goals along the way! Good luck running!