Sunday, June 9, 2013

camp bucket list

To go along with my plan for being a (hopefully) awesome camp counselor this summer, I thought I'd come up with a camp bucket list.  I'm a list person, can you tell?

So at camp, I would love to...
- tye dye a shirt (or two, or three)
- help run canteen (this is actually a part of my job, but I'm just so excited about it)
- take pictures of the stars with my DSLR
- not have a camper throw up in my cabin
- not mess up any names (not even one)
- get at least a little bit of a tan and avoid as many funny looking tan lines as I can
- journal about every week
- win knock out
- receive at least three letters
- zumba on the weekend
- do something embarrassing
- go creek stomping
- go running at least a couple of times
- try to eat healthy (with camp food, this might not happen. oops.)
- really get to know as many of my campers as I can
- find one or two campers to keep in touch with after camp

I've got big plans for camp.  But God usually has bigger ones.  Maybe different than what I have in mind, but I'm still excited to see what He's going to do there.  I leave TOMORROW!


  1. Audrey! I love this! And love reading about camp! :) I miss you and love you lots!

    1. thanks Rachael! It's so fun to be here. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago that you were on staff! Miss you!!