Saturday, June 29, 2013

week two

This week we got to hang out with seventh and eighth graders!  This is for sure one of my favorite age groups.  Some highlights from the week were leading girl time with some of the other counselors, answering each of my girls' questions about life, God, and boys, specifically getting to tell each of my girls truth about who they are, and watching them open up as the week went on.

I love seventh and eighth grade girls because generally, they are so open and honest about where they're at and what they're dealing with.  It makes my heart happy to be able to talk to them about big issues and pray with them.  I'm hoping that this week was a time of healing for all of the girls who opened up.

And for those of you keeping track of my bucket list, I've gotten three letters and a couple packages (You guys are the best. For real.), haven't messed up any names yet, and I've really tried to get to know my campers.  And no vomit yet. (Praise the Lord!)

This week, we talked to the girls a lot about their value.  We told them that even though we don't always feel valuable, they are extremely valuable to God.  It was awesome to get to process through this with them and be able to tell them that they are beautiful, unique, and loved.

I'm so thankful for this week and my time so far at camp.

(Also, if anyone was wondering, I was a wounded sheep in the middle picture.  Can't you tell?)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

week one

This week was so good, but so crazy.  It was the first time all of my siblings and I were at a camp together!  So weird.  It was also a week of learning about my duties as a staff member and where everything is that I need to do those!  I was a little bit of a hot mess sometimes.

But it was such an incredible week with the girls in my cabin.  We would sing and make faces at each other and play with each others hair.  And we won our first game of tug-o-war.  Beasts.

We had great conversations about choosing joy and seeing God and relationships and just life.  Those talks are my favorites.  Thanks, girls, for sharing your lives with me.  

And this isn't really camp related, but Erin showed up unexpected this week all the way from Atlanta!  She could only stay for like an hour and a half, but still it was so good.

Also, this week I helped run canteen and only dropped two things, didn't mess up any names, did a lame zumba workout video, and kind of did something embarrassing.  To get a package, my siblings and I had to say the alphabet backwards.  I don't know if this is a normal thing to be able to do, but I can't.  Like at all.  Past Z, Y, X, W, I'm lost.  But apparently my brother can!  So he showed my sister and I up big time.  Whoops. (If you missed it, these are all things that are a part of my camp bucket list.)

So you know how sometimes you expect God to teach you something, then he ends up teaching you something else?  Yeah, that happens.  This week when I was being a grump, the lesson was all about humility.  Ouch.

Basically, I was reminded that camp isn't about me and what I want or need.  It's about the campers and doing my best to be a good example of Jesus to them.  A lot easier said than done.  

True humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less - C.S. Lewis

Sunday, June 16, 2013

camp without campers

Camp life is the best.  We've spent this week tackling a tower of mattresses with bleach, sweeping, mopping, and cleaning bathrooms.  Lovely.  But really, it's been a great time to get to hang out with the staff for the summer.  We love each other already.

I've been working on my camp bucket list!  (If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's here.) I've taken pictures of the stars, (but I was so in love with the pictures, I'll probably take more.) I've gotten a letter already, (thanks grandma).  And we've gotten some time to lay out so I'll hopefully avoid t shirt tan lines!  

We've also had some training this week working on conflict resolution, how we can work best together as a staff, and how to best encourage the campers in the stage of development they're in.  It was all really awesome.  Leaving camp, we want the campers to know this: 

You were created on purpose, for a purpose by a God who loves you.  

At any age, that's such a great reminder.  

Sunday, June 9, 2013

camp bucket list

To go along with my plan for being a (hopefully) awesome camp counselor this summer, I thought I'd come up with a camp bucket list.  I'm a list person, can you tell?

So at camp, I would love to...
- tye dye a shirt (or two, or three)
- help run canteen (this is actually a part of my job, but I'm just so excited about it)
- take pictures of the stars with my DSLR
- not have a camper throw up in my cabin
- not mess up any names (not even one)
- get at least a little bit of a tan and avoid as many funny looking tan lines as I can
- journal about every week
- win knock out
- receive at least three letters
- zumba on the weekend
- do something embarrassing
- go creek stomping
- go running at least a couple of times
- try to eat healthy (with camp food, this might not happen. oops.)
- really get to know as many of my campers as I can
- find one or two campers to keep in touch with after camp

I've got big plans for camp.  But God usually has bigger ones.  Maybe different than what I have in mind, but I'm still excited to see what He's going to do there.  I leave TOMORROW!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Hayden and I decided to make a road trip to Lake Michigan before camp starts.  It was our daycation!!  We're preparing to spend all of our time with campers- which is exciting, but sometimes exhausting.

We spent the day driving and singing, playing frisbee, getting burnt, getting bit by weird bugs, and climbing sand dunes.  Couldn't have asked for a better day.