Saturday, August 31, 2013

jesus makes me not as crazy

If we're talking about self-care, we've got to talk about Jesus.  I usually suck when I try to take care of myself, but He's pretty great at it.

I find that if I'm intentional about reading the word, talking to Him, or just doing something that keeps me in tune with God, then I can deal with life a lot easier.  I feel like with God, celebrations are more joyful and hard times are still hard... but He's there through it and working in it.

Living in His presence is the best.  For real.  (Not claiming that I've got this down- I do not.  But I try.)

I believe that I'm passionately loved by my heavenly Father and that He stays with me through whatever I'm going through.  I believe He knows me and what I need more intimately than I even know myself.  Knowing that He wants to take care of me, I know that I can trust Him with all of life.  His love and presence and purpose for me makes me a little bit less crazy.  And I believe all of this is true for you too.

So if you're feeling a bit cray cray today, like I do most days, go to Jesus.  He's got this.  

Saturday, August 17, 2013

invest in people

I've always been one who wanted deeper relationships with people, and often have been upset when it didn't just happen like I expected it would.  I would be too shy or insecure to get to know people myself, so I wished that they would talk to me instead.  Not so effective.

I'm still learning how to be a better friend to people.  And how to make those surface relationships deeper. But I am learning.

This blog has been making me think about it differently lately, which is perfect timing since school is about to start again and new friendships are all over the place.  So for all of you going back to school or starting college or just looking to be a better friend, don't leave yet!  (And if you have time, read the whole post on The Beless Family blog.  It's great.)

What I keep thinking about is to be the kind of friend that you wish you had.  Love people well.  Pursue them.  Get to know them and let them get to know you.  Don't be too shy to write a card or invite someone along or give a hug.

Wouldn't you love a friend like that?  I know I would. I'm blessed to say that I have some!  But I also know that there are people that I would like to be a better friend to.

So here's my challenge for you and for me this week/month/year/forever...
if you're looking to take care of yourself well, consider being an intentional friend who lovingly pursues the people you care about.  See what a difference it makes.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

two decades


I guess you could say I'm a little excited. 

Not that much. 

Okay, you caught me, I'm way excited.  

Happy August 13th!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

who are you?

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

Knowing yourself is so important in keeping yourself well.

I must have figured that out at an early age because I've been journaling and learning about myself for as long as I can remember.  For me, it's empowering to know the foods my body needs to eat, when I need to take time to be alone, and how to express myself well.  

One thing about me is that I'm an extreme introvert.  That means that I draw my energy from being alone, rather than being with people.  So a big part of me taking care of myself means that I need to listen to myself and decide when I need to take that time for me.  

It's kind of a bummer when there's a million things going on and I know that if I'm going to have any time to myself, I have to miss something.  But I think it's worth it to be energized and doing some things rather than be drained and doing everything.  

Pay attention to yourself this week and learn. What makes you laugh?  What do you do to relieve stress?  When are you at your best?

Thinking about this, here are some things I've learned about me.
1. Exercise and time with Jesus are extremely important in keeping me energized.  
2. Having my nails painted makes me feel like I'm put together, even when I'm not.
3. I'm a goal setter, so I need to work at living in the present moment.
4. Friends, New Girl, and How I Met Your Mother make me laugh.
5. I love to create.  

So, what are some of the things that make you, you?

Monday, August 5, 2013

we're tourists

Sorry I've been away for a little while- I WAS IN A DIFFERENT COUNTRY! Okay, really it was just Canada, but it still counts. My family went to see Niagara Falls this week! It was the first time that our family has spent a significant amount of time together all summer, so it was so good.  We did some overpriced tourist-y things and loved every minute of it.

We went on this boat that takes you right up next to Niagara Falls, and it was so exciting! I couldn't help but think of Jim and Pam's wedding. (The Office fans, anyone?) Loved it.  I'll put pictures of the falls up soon, although pictures can't really do them justice. You'll have to go see them yourself.

Hope you had a great week!