Monday, March 10, 2014

a happy list

fresh peaches and blackberries
dates to eat Eva's chocolate chip pancakes
talking about website design with my dad
earth tones- especially olive green
drinking milk and watching the Oscars
running with old friends
dance parties with kids
learning how to make ceramics
perfectly curled hair
Valentine's Day chocolate

In the name of staying present and appreciating big and little things in life, I make happy lists every once in awhile.  I hope they inspire you to think of your own life and the small things that make your heart happy.

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  1. Fresh peaches and blackberries sound delicious!!

    I love lists & especially happy lists:)

    1. Absolutely!! I'm definitely a list person. [:

  2. i love making lists. I started blogging (again) recently and my first post is about 52 things that make me happy. But i think doing a happy list every now and then is a great idea as well.